Evolution D3

Evolution D3

Designed to redefine your golfing experience, the Evolution D3 combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering unmatched performance and convenience on the green.


Ascending inclines becomes effortless, while the cart’s impressive top speed offers a swift and efficient means of getting around. The 6.3kW motor not only guarantees exceptional power but also maintains an efficient energy consumption, allowing for extended outings.


At the forefront of innovation, the Evolution D3 boasts cutting-edge technology designed to redefine your golfing experience. Seamlessly integrated, the battery not only powers the cart’s dynamic performance but also provides a quiet and environmentally conscious ride.

Standard Features

Built & Design

The front trunk, electronically accessible by a key fob, offers convenient storage for your essentials, seamlessly blending functionality with elegance. Going beyond the ordinary, the cart features a built-in refrigerator with controls discreetly placed beneath the compartment.


Equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, a hallmark of precision and safety, the cart ensures smooth deceleration and stopping power, allowing you to navigate the terrain with confidence. These brakes, combined with the cart’s ergonomic design and plush seating.

Unprecedented Performance and Elegance

Merging cutting-edge technology and elegant design, this remarkable golf cart redefines convenience and performance on the green.


With intuitive features like volume control and cellphone call answer capabilities, the cart empowers you to stay connected effortlessly. Evolution D3 ensures that your time on the course is not only enjoyable but also effortlessly connected.

Drive into the Future of Golfing

Discover the exceptional features that make the Evolution D3 the ultimate golf cart innovation.

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